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EMDR & Trauma Stories

An ongoing series of informational entries about EMDR therapy and Trauma

Gulf War Veteran and EMDR Therapy

October 11, 2018

Thank you Greg Smith for sharing this newsletter from Dr. Daniel Amen's regarding the effectiveness of EMDR therapy and treating a former Gulf War veteran after a traumatic experience as a civilian.  Read more about  Steven's story.

Combat Soldier heals with EMDR Therapy

November 10, 2018

Combat soldiers will often struggle with a psychological issue of survivors guilt and may continue to be haunted by the things they did or didn't do.  They may feel undeserving to be alive after war, this can impact their life in significant ways. See the story of one Veterans struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and his treatment with EMDR therapy.

Multiple Trauma Exposures and EMDR Therapy

November 11, 2018

First responders and military are able to perform their duties at work and compartmentalize the exposures they witness in their career.   They may spend years helping or rescuing people without being effected, until that one particular incident/event.  Then overnight, it seems their life begins to change. They begin feeling more irritable or having irrational anger and flare ups, they have a difficult time sleeping, they may begin to isolate more and not just physically but mentally, by drinking or using pills- prescription to justify its (over)use.  They feel numb or nothing inside, feel shut down and are not able to deal with the underlying disturbance that they can't seem to shake.  See Dr. DaLene Forester, PhD in an interview speaking to this issue. 

EMDR with First Responders with Suicide Ideations

November 14, 2018

Family members of First Responders often struggle silently when they watch their loved one slowly slip away from them. They may be unsure how to help or be supportive when they begin to notice the agitation, anger or isolation. Overtime, they may feel alienated or estranged from their partner. The statistics about the challenges with first responders and their family members is high, and its even more staggering to know how many actually think about suicide or dying.  Read more.

Firefighter's PTSD healed by EMDR Therapy

November 15, 2018

Salt Lake City firefighter Mike Stevens at Station 12 near the Salt Lake International Airport shares his story with PTSD and the struggles he had.  He states EMDR therapy helped him to regain his life again. He encourages other rescuers to get help rather than struggle in silence.  See Mike's journey to live. 

PTSD among First Responder Population 

December 4, 2018

First respnders face critical incidents many times in their career.  Working years in the field responding to man-made and natural disasters can come with silent injuries that may go untreated or dismissed, but it can have detrimental effects.  Trauma and PTSD is more common with first responders than openly admitted.  This video speaks to the effects of first responders trauma. 

Multiple Cancer diagnosis and EMDR Therapy

December 8, 2018

Battling cancer more than once in a lifetime can be as traumatic as other intense life threatening experiences.  Working with one woman who had cancer 3 times in her life, naturally she was concerned about it returning in another part of her body.  EMDR helped in resolving the disturbance of a possible recurrence with her.  Roger Solomon and his client share a session about her cancer (this is not my client whom I referred to).  Thank you Roger and client for sharing.

EMDR Therapy with adult-childhood trauma

Children are often at the mercy of their environment and may feel powerless when the source of their trauma is at the hand of a caregiver.  We can go for years compartmentalizing scary childhood memories and push it so far out of consciousness until something in your adult life triggers the memory. Those memories may also manifest in our adult life in different ways such as panic attacks, problems sleeping, anxiety and self esteem issues.  See Chris' story here.