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Fail a DOT Drug Test? 

We can help get you back on the road

Need A SAP?

Rhonda is a federally designated Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) licensed and recognized by the Department of Transportation (DOT). She is qualified in providing a substance abuse evaluation if you have failed a UA drug screen for work. She has taken a specialized training and passed a test to gain the designation of a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for

 peo​ple in a DOT Regulated safety-sensitive position.

Frequently Asked Questions

I failed a UA drug screen for work and need an evaluation, can I go to any licensed professional for an evaluation?

No. A DOT violation for alcohol or drugs requires you to get evaluated by a qualified SAP.

If I enter treatment on my own, will that resolve my work violation?

DOT regulation 49 C.F.R. 40 require that you receive a SAP evaluation, follow up with SAP recommendations and have a follow up evaluation with the same SAP, prior to being considered for re-entering into a safety-sensitive position. Entering treatment on your own will not permit you to return to safety-sensitive duties if the evaluation is not completed by a SAP.

What is the cost for a SAP and what does it include?

Contact EMDR 808 Pacific Counseling for current SAP prices. A SAP is responsible for the public's safety and the process can be extensive in time, expertise and training on the part of the SAP. A SAP has considerable liability and is ultimately responsible for the public's safety. The SAP cost includes the Initial Evaluation by a qualified DOT SAP, referral services to appropriate providers, continuous monitoring of your progress, reporting to your employer or Designated Employer Representative (DER), Follow-up evaluation and communication with the Medical Review Officer (MRO) as needed. As part of the SAP process, you will be referred to a treatment or education program- treatment recommendations (as appropriate) will not be provided by the SAP. Payment for SAP evaluation is due at the first visit.

Will the SAP cost include Treatment or Education recommendations?

No. The fees for the treatment and education providers are not covered in the SAP cost. EMDR 808 Pacific Counseling will provide you with a receipt to submit to your medical insurance company if you have any reimbursable benefits, but treatment recommendations is the sole responsibility of the employee or employer.

Who pays for the cost of SAP services?

The person responsible for paying for the SAP services and recommendations are between the employer and employee. Many employers require their employee to pay for the services or may offer employee benefits or payment advances. Employers may offer to pay for the SAP services, but this issue should be discussed between employee and employer.

How long will this process take?

The initial SAP evaluation may take 2 to 3 1/2 hours. The time required to complete the entire process depends on the treatment recommendations by the SAP and your compliance to follow up with the recommendations.

When I follow the recommendations, what happens next?

When your SAP conducts a follow-up evaluation and determines that you have complied with the recommendations, your SAP will send a report of compliance to your employer. Your employer then can decide to arrange for you to take a return-to-duty test; you may still be considered a safety risk by the employer and the employer may decide to terminate you, either before or after the return-to-duty test. If your employer takes you back, you will be subject to follow-up-testing as required by your SAP. There must be at least 6 unannounced follow-up tests in the first year, but your SAP may require any number of tests, and the testing period can extend up to five years.

What if I just quit my job and apply to another company?

If you choose to work for a non-DOT employer, you do not have to complete the SAP process. However, if you choose to work for another DOT-employer, the DOT-covered employer is required to obtain previous two years drug and alcohol testing records from former employers. Former employers need to report any violations. If there is no SAP record indicating compliance, no employer is permitted to hire you for DOT safety-sensitive duties until you have successfully completed the return-to-duty process. Previous employer’s records must include the initial Evaluation by a qualified SAP and the Follow-up evaluation noting your compliance with the SAP’s recommendations.

What if I “forget” to list my previous employer on an application?

This is a federal offense to falsify information to obtain a DOT-regulated safety-sensitive job and you will be held responsible. You may be subject to fines and penalties when you have been discovered to have performed safety-sensitive duties without having to complete the return-to- duty process successfully.

If I don’t agree with the SAP’s recommendation, can I get a second opinion?

DOT considers the SAP recommendation as final, and no one can change it. You must stay with the SAP you start an evaluation process with, you cannot seek another SAPs opinion once the process begins. You and your employer may be subject to fines by DOT if you are found to have accepted a second SAP’s opinion.

Will I find out in advance what the follow-up testing will be?

No. Neither your employer or the SAP is permitted to share the testing plan with you. DOT requires that the follow-up testing schedule be confidential. When, how often and how many years is confidential. Random employee tests are in addition to the follow-up testing schedule.

Who pays for these follow-up tests?

This is the employer’s decision. Some employer’s pay for the follow-up testing and others may have the employee be responsible for the cost of the tests consequentially for violating DOT’s rules.

What happens if I test positive on a follow-up test?

If you test positive again, you must go through the entire SAP process again. Many employers terminate an employee for a second violation. If you have been terminated, and if you want to apply for a safety-sensitive job with another DOT employer, you must complete the SAP return-to-duty process.