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Effects on First Responders & Public Service Workers 

Symptoms: Effects on 

First responders & Public Service Workers

This presentation is targeted to address and speak directly to the community of first responders (fire fighters, EMT, EMS, law enforcement, etc.) military and public service workers. Oftentimes, symptoms may manifest in ways that are unclear to the individual, such as issues with relationships: not feeling close to people you love, thinking the world is a horrible place and sometimes feeling guilty about things.

At the end of this presentation you will be able to:

1) Identify early childhood risk factors that make people more susceptible to experiencing PTSD later in life;

2) Identify several symptoms of anxiety and the severity levels;

3) Know the symptoms and duration of stress including acute, chronic and traumatic stress;

4) Identify several obvious and subtle symptoms of depression;

5)Assess your personal level of anxiety, depression and/or PTSD

Length of Presentation: 1 to 1.5 hrs. (depending on questions).

Cost of Presentation: Donations appreciated.

Contact us  to schedule a time convenient to meet with your staff.

Presentation Review

E. Tal Ehlers, MA, CEM, MEP

Uintah County Utah Emergency Manager

"Over the last few years national attention has been brought to the psychological needs of first responders. Stress and traumatic injury are taking their toll on today’s front line warriors, leaving many responders asking themselves if they are emotionally capable of continuing in their chosen field. Having Rhonda Kamai-Kekela provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapy in the Uintah Basin is a tremendous benefit to regional response personnel in need of effective care and treatment.Rhonda has participated with the Uintah Office of Emergency Management to educate our Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) members and our Citizen Corps volunteer organizations regarding Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and EMDR therapies. Her proactive approach has been like an infusion of breath air for our professional and volunteer responders."

Sgt. Kellie Oaks

Utah Highway Patrol, Vernal, UT

Read (Full Text)

" Knowledge regarding PTSD, depression, anxiety and mental health services (including EMDR) should be provided to all emergency responders. To fill this need, I invited local licensed clinical social worker, therapist, and EMDR provider, Rhonda Kamai-Kekela, to present to the officers I supervise. Her presentation was approximately one hour and filled with timely and appropriate information and assessments officers and their families could utilize in the privacy of their own homes to evaluate their mental health and determine if and when they need professional assistance. Ms. Kamai-Kekela created an environment of trust that was warm, knowledgeable, and compassionate. She clearly articulated valuable information and provided copies of assessment the officers could utilize to identify the level of PTSD, depression or anxiety they could be experiencing now or in the future. As a current police officer and volunteer peer advocate support team member for the national charity, The Wounded Blue, and having been trained by Warrior's Rest in Oklahoma City, I highly recommend Ms. Kamai-Kekela to provide training and assistance to your emergency services personnel.  She is committed to helping the "helpers" and we should be too." 

Other Presentations 

Coming Soon!  

Psycho-Education Classes & Presentation Topics: 

  • DOT alcohol and other drug policy compliance: what employees need to know about alcohol and drug testing. 
  • Attachment & Emotional development of a child and manifestatio‚Äčns into adulthood