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Help for the Helpers

First responders, military, veterans and emergency workers  often run to the aid of other’s in crisis, while ignoring and pushing through their own personal struggles or crisis- Sometimes, Helpers need help too



As a provider for people who serve the public in different capacities of crisis, I focus on helping you gain an understanding about the struggles you may experience in your personal life.  Repeated exposure to stressful situations and crisis will begin to manifest in ways that are unclear to the individual. I want to help you understand the underlying issues that make your life a struggle, teach you ways to manage the struggles effectively and help you resolve  those issues.  I focus on providing effective resolution and quick solutions to your problems so you can get back to living your life- not just existing on auto-pilot. 

EMDR Therapy


Providing therapy in the Uintah Basin since 2009. 

Rhonda Kamai-Kekela, LCSW

For questions about counseling services, DOT SAP, Staff Presentations or EMDR Training or Consultation.

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